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What matters to you? 

A truly customized solution gives you everything that is important to you and nothing that doesn't so at Peak Payments we ask the question "What matters to you?"


Low Cost Processing

We work with several of the top processors and operate with almost zero overhead in order to offer you the lowest rates possible. 


POS Systems

We offer the most innovative POS systems available and integrate with nearly every POS system on the market so we can offer you savings with your existing setup. 


Cash Advance

Up to $150,000 to help your business grow. Flexible repayment means all you have to do to repay is do what you do best, make sales!


Zero % Processing

Our Cash Discount programs offer you processing with no transaction fees


Online Payments

We offer an e-commerce gateway to help take your business online. We also work with all the major shopping carts to make online payments cost effective and easy. 


24/7 Support 

Local support when you need to see a friendly face and 24/7 call center support when you need assistance any time of day. Any day. 


Free Terminals

We have you covered on chip enabled terminals. Whether it's our free terminal program, low cost lease, or wholesale priced  units we give you flexibility. 


Mobile Payments

We offer mobile apps, attachable readers, and handheld devices that make taking payments on the go easier than ever!


Breach Protection

Our data breach protection programs offer you financial peace of mind in today's troubling data breach landscape.

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